Company Overview

The firm of Groser & Groser was established in January 1994 from a desire to provide clients, particularly clients abroad, prompt, efficient and effective assistance in the specialist area of Indian intellectual property. It was felt that in view of the singular nature of Indian intellectual property practice, foreign clients wishing to protect their IP rights in India faced substantial problems in understanding the nature of what was required of them and in receiving accurate dependable advice on the subject. Groser & Groser was conceived as the appropriate means to solve these problems.

The firm is moderate in size but well knit and comprehensive. Its aim is to cater to the intellectual property needs of clients, both foreign and Indian, on an immediate and efficient basis. This the firm does by paying individual attention and personalised care to each problem or query referred to it thereby building a working relationship of confidence. In short, Groser & Groser is an intellectual property firm that blends the desired degree of expertise and experience, is responsive to its clients' needs, presents a pragmatic approach to their problems and acts professionally on matters referred to it.


Company Mission

We are striving to raise awareness about protection of one’s Intellectual Property Rights, and we are doing this by talking and writing about our methods of protection in blogs, newsletters, articles and events.


Company Vision

We envision Groser & Groser becoming a leader in Indian IPR protection and solutions, a service provider to reckon with. We intend to achieve this by expanding our offerings to incorporate every possible aspect of IPR protection, consultation and solution without compromising on quality.

Over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the
best IP guidance.

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