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In any economy but particularly in one like India’s which on an upswing, the value of trade marks cannot be over-estimated. Trade marks help customers identify certain products or services and associate them with the manufacturers/proprietors thereof. This results in the acquisition by the proprietors of valuable goodwill which should be protected by registration at the earliest possible opportunity

From being a stagnant backwater, Indian trademark law has by virtue of series of revision thereto converted itself into a throbbing legislation in step with the times. In keeping with the revitalized law, the trademark department of our firm has kept itself abreast of current developments. In addition to filing of applications, reporting in-depth on objections raised by the Indian Registry and filing responses which go to the heart of such objections, our trademark attorneys have made a name for themselves in their proficiency at handling all aspects of oppositions as well as the recent influx of Madrid Protocol matters.

Trademark searches which not long ago took a month or more to complete are carried out within a matter of days with the results supplied along with pertinent comments on the question of possible conflict with other specific marks.

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