Patents Services


Patent Filing and Prosecution

We enjoy the advantage of a full complement of qualified and experienced patent attorneys to provide our clients with immediate service when comes to drafting patent specifications, filing patent applications or amending and refilling patent application in India.


Patent Services

We pride ourselves on being able to assist our clients, particularly our clients abroad, in understanding the several unique and complicated aspects and requirements of Indian patent law and practice, many of which are not to be encountered in the patent laws and requirements of other countries.


Patent Searches

Patents represent one of the most important tools available to manufacturers, entrepreneurs and business heads. What is more, it is essential that knowledge of existing art should be made easily available to such persons. Our firm has access to its own personal and other databases in order to provide swiftly and efficiently the results of investigation of existing patents in a particular field of endeavour.


Patent Licensing

In addition to its other activities, our firm also offers assistance in the field of patent licensing from the drafting of a licence to its recordal at Indian patent office.


Patent Litigation

Although major area of activity is in the field of patent prosecution, our firm with so many legal qualified practitioners at its disposal is able to offer assistance whenever an opportunity for litigation arises.

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