Patent Litigation

Patent litigation is complex, resource intensive, and a costly exercise. The task is challenging particularly while understanding and interpreting technical terms and construing of claim(s) of the patent. Broadly speaking, the decision to enforce or challenge a patent is a critical task and takes into account goals of the organization.

Our litigation support team adopts a disciplined approach to analyze all aspects of the business, and accordingly advise you on issues faced and opportunities available. We gather deep understanding of complex patent cases for both patent holders and accused infringers in jurisdictions across the globe. We have the technical prowess to handle most complex legal cases. Our team works closely with you and provide effective business solutions to protect your intellectual property and minimize the likelihood of litigation.

We help you in performing various patent searches such as invalidity search, prior art search, claim charts, document review, code analysis, and tear down review and analysis of file wrapper/file history.

Our team of experienced patent attorneys and agents help clients manage litigation for benefit of the client’s business through strategic litigation planning, litigation support, research, alternative dispute resolution, and settlements at the right time. We work closely with clients to understand their business goals, and devise /implement an effective patent litigation strategy. Bearing in mind that litigation is a means to the end of gaining business value and mitigating business risks, our team helps clients maximize benefits from litigation, and minimize cost, effort, and time. Our litigation approach avoids long drawn court battles, and always aims to achieve business results.

Over 24+ years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the
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