Patent Licensing

In today’s knowledge-intensive economy, patent licensing is one of the core functions of all technology organizations. Technology transactions including licensing and R&D based alliances are growing at an exponential rate, thus encouraging firms to make profound changes in the corporate strategy. Amid intense competition, corporate bigwigs and startup firms rely heavily on patent licensing for their future growth and development. A well thought and timely in-licensing of patent can save millions being spent in research and development and on the other, out-licensing or cross-licensing of a patent(s) can generate revenues and maximize profit.

Patent licensing is one of the key strategies in the patent world. It is considered an attractive and continuously evolving business opportunity. Our team works closely with you to come up with patent licensing strategies that help accomplish your business goals. Today, we are positioned as one of the leading advisors in the patent licensing domain, thanks to our strong and reliable relationship with our clients.

Comprehending the nature of the business and the market, we have been able to successfully deliver a wide range of patent licensing projects. We assist you in recognizing potential technology areas where your organization can benefit in acquiring or licensing the patent portfolio, thus plan transactions accordingly. We also help you to analyze and assess out-licensing opportunities in order to reap the maximum benefit. We support you at every stage of patent licensing by providing services such as patent infringement search, target identification, infringement analysis, evidence of use charts (EoU), claim charts, product mapping, validity searches, file wrapper/file history analysis, due diligence support, and brokerage/IP sale document.

Patent Mining

Organizations around the world are investing heavily in developing their patent portfolios and the real value proportion for this IP investment can only be derived through effective portfolio management. Companies must utilize their patent portfolio to seize upon the market opportunities derived from exploiting the technologies owned by them in the form of patents.

Patent Bucketing and Ranking

Firms owning large patent portfolio(s) needs to bucket and rank their patents into specific technology areas to gain better knowledge with respect to economic value, opportunities, and risks involved. It helps in realizing the potential of IP assets owned by the organization.
We assist you to bucket and rank patents on various parameters including forward citation, number of independent claims, claim length, overlap ability, market segment and size, number of foreign family members, office action responses, etc.

Licensing Target Identification and Infringement Analysis

We identify potential partners for both in-licensing and out-licensing of patents. We also identify products or services that potentially infringe your patent claim(s), and thus classified as out-licensing targets. The methodology for such identification is selected keeping in mind your business requirements.
We help you to analyze your patent portfolio across the technology landscape and identify valuable patents for the purpose of monetization/commercialization. In addition to this, we help in evaluating patents and explore new licensing opportunities to reap maximum benefits.
We also help in exploring multiple revenue streams including technology transfer, sale, in-licensing, out-licensing and cross-licensing. We assist you in identifying infringers (other company’s products or services that potentially map on the patents), thus can be targeted for licensing opportunities.

Evidence of Use/Claim Charts

We have extensive experience in creating Evidence of Use/claim charts. The charts are made as per your requirements. For quick evaluation, we map key features of the claims to the product specifications. For detailed charts, we supplement publically available evidences with reverse engineering or teardown whereever possible.

Market Research

Our Market Research Service is a continuous process of assisting not only with the latest trends in the market but also with a detailed analysis of development of the market. This helps you in identifying major competitors in the market and seize upon new market opportunities. We emphasize not only in gathering data from different sources but also provide precise analysis and insights from the research outcome.

IP Due Diligence

IP due diligence is conducted to assess the quantity and quality of intellectual property assets. It also involves an assessment of protection of intellectual property assets owned or licensed by the company. The IP due diligence report incorporates all legal and business requirements such as litigation and assignment history, patent family, and objective and subjective parameters.

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