Patent Services

In-depth understanding of the Indian market and industry expertise makes us your most suitable advisor. Through our dynamic and systematic approach, we help you to achieve business objectives. Our team possesses extensive expertise in developing India-specific patent services including patent prosecution, patent infringement analysis, patent search, patent drafting and filing, prepare responses to examination reports, patent litigation, and patent licensing. Our team and partners are registered patent agents with extensive experience in prosecutions at the Indian patent office.

Patent Prosecution Support

Our team works closely with you to come up with IP strategies that help you to accomplish your business goals. We assist you in:

  • Performing novelty searches to assess patentability of the invention
  • Drafting and filing patent applications
  • Filing counterparts of WIPO/US/EP patent applications
  • Preparing and filing response of examination reports in India

Our team provides tailored solutions for preparing and filing relevant documentation at the Indian patent office. We offer India-specific expertise which include freedom to operate (FTO), clearance searches, freedom to practice (FTP) that help you envision the complete picture of your business from a high level perspective and reliable decision making.

Pre Grant and Post Grant Oppositions

These provisions are granted by the Indian Patent Act whereby an applicant/entity can oppose the grant of the patent. We support you in preparing a patentability report of either the published patent application (pre-grant opposition) or for granted patent (post-grant opposition). With in-depth expertise and knowledge of the Indian Patent Act, we conduct research to identify and analyze relevant references to ensure that evidence(s) are effectively utilized.

Patent Licensing & Litigation Support

We help you to monetize your inventions by identifying potential infringers, educating them about risk associated with infringement, benefits of licensing, and convincing them to license the patented inventions. If needed, our partner patent attorneys can file infringement law suits to protect your interest.

India Entry Strategy

We provide comprehensive support in developing and implementing patent strategies. Organizations planning an expansion in the country or aiming to foray into the Indian IP space, we work closely with you in identifying potential opportunities by conducting business and market research, intellectual property assessment, valuation, and regulatory/government approvals.

Over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the
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