Patent Searches

A sustainable competitive advantage is required to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. As organizations devise and execute business strategies, they face numerous challenges in extracting relevant information from databases. In devising innovation-driven growth strategies, organizations resort to patent searches as a solution for a varied number of queries related to their business requirements. Therefore, outsourcing such services help organizations to focus primarily on their business goals. Drawing from the extensive experience, we provide patent searches such as patentability search, design search, accelerated examination search, invalidation search, freedom to operate search (FTO) and state of the art search particularly in medical devices, biotechnology, bio-science, etc.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) or Freedom to Practice (FTP) or Clearance Searches

Freedom to operate search is embraced by various organizations to mitigate risk prior introducing a product or service to the market. We help you to assess the risk of potential infringement and identify relevant patents that relate to your product or service. We help you to identify patents with claims that may cover your invention and determine potential barriers in the specified market. Based on the analysis, we map out similarities between features of the product to be launched vis-a-vis claimed elements of the patent references found.
With continual increase in the number of patent applications filed globally, it is a strenuous task to locate patents and published applications that claim similar/identical features as per the invention. Ignoring FTO search may incur costly litigation which is uncalled for. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct freedom to operate search, especially for new technologies as they are vulnerable to infringement suits.
We assist you to conduct FTO search to locate patents whose claim(s) potentially read on the features of the product or service to be launched. With in-depth experience and expertise, we help you not only in locating patents that may hinder the launch and sale of your product but further enable you to modify and devise an informed launch strategy.
We also assist you to locate third parties who may need to be approached for license for a particular product or service.

Patent Landscape & Mining Services

Patent landscape is an exhaustive search of patents that belong to a particular technology domain. The classification of patents in a specified order enables clear understanding of the domain not only from the technical side, but also from a business standpoint. Landscapes are exhaustive in nature and involve:

  • Developing a taxonomy in light of your business objectives
  • Conduct an exhaustive search on patent databases to identify patents that can be classified in a technical domain
  • Understand and derive technical insights from the patents that help in informed decision making

Landscape search provides solutions to a broad number of business queries that are related to the specific area of technology including potential areas of research, current strengths, gaps or white spaces. We conduct exhaustive search and analysis of the patent documents relating to your domain in order to map out competitor’s technology, licensing, research and development, and merger and acquisition strategies. Our report provides insights on current trends, potential inventors, and technology evolution.

State of the Art Searches

This involves comprehensive understanding of the art in a particular field. The search is performed prior to making a patent application or amendment to an existing application. We help you to identify competitors and technology trends in order to make informed business decisions. We assist you in providing an overall overview of the technology field by reviewing all patent and non-patent literature.

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical for organizations to collect competitive intelligence from all possible sources. Our team helps you to draw out technical and business insights from the patent assigned to the competitors and make strategic decisions.

Patent Watch and Monitoring Services

We provide quality and cost-effective patent watch services to keep you updated on new published patent applications or issued patents. We help you to keep an eye on the competitor’s patent application and strategy. Additionally, we assist you to identify and analyze technologies related to your interest and align your IP strategy with business goals.

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