Patent Filing and Prosecution

Trained by experienced attorneys and seasoned patent professionals, our team seeks the broadest possible protection from the invention while narrowing it enough to take care of any existing art(s). We have a thorough understanding of the patent law and relevant legal practices across relevant jurisdictions. With hands-on experience in various technologies and patent analysis, we provide a competitive edge by supplying novel patent strategies. We also provide assistance across strategic searches such as patentability searches, novelty searches, knock out searches, prior art searches, drafting and filing of patents, office action response, etc.
The patent creation searches cover a wide range of steps which include:

Patentability/Novelty Search Assessment

A comprehensive patentability search involves analysis of the prior art by conducting thorough research to locate each feature of the invention to be claimed. The search helps you to evaluate the patentability of an invention based on the statutory requirements and ascertain whether the invention is novel or non-obvious. Our in-house analysts conduct exhaustive prior art searches in multiple databases to identify various elements that are relevant to the invention. We develop reports, templates, and search findings as per the format prescribed by you.
Effectual’s patentability searches help patent practitioners, corporations, and inventors to identify the features of invention, understand the scope of protection, and provide detailed patentability analysis in order to take decision related to filing of the invention. In addition to this, the invention is also evaluated for its commercial potential. The factors we consider to evaluate the commercial viability of an invention include, but not limited to, problems solved, potential applications, market size, potential licensing opportunities, funding/venture opportunities, and challenges to commercialization.

Patent Drafting

We assist you to prepare quality patent drafts through defined methodology and approach. Our patent and analytics experts have thorough understanding of the patent law and processes which helps them to understand inventions and draft patent applications as per the drafting guidelines specific to the patent issuing authority. We help you draft provisional and non-provisional applications in multiple technical domains for filings at the USPTO, EPO, IPO or the PCT.

Patent Filing

Our experience in filing applications with patent offices across the globe has made us well versed with the necessary procedural requirements that are to be met with the filing stage. We help organizations in filing patent applications at the Indian Patent Office (IPO), national phase PCT applications in India and in obtaining foreign filing permits, certified priority documents, etc.

Office Action Drafting and Filing

Review of the prior art and drafting suitable responses to the objections raised by patent examiner is a cumbersome task. Additionally, these responses have to be drafted and adhered to the timelines as issued by the patent office. Given the time consuming nature of responding to office actions, we are immensely capable of analyzing the prior art, drafting convincing responses to such office actions, and negotiating the scope with examiners.

Accelerated Examination Search Document (AESD)

We provide comprehensive search report in conformity with the guidelines issued by USPTO. This involves extensive pre-examination search report performing searches in all the prescribed resources (US patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature) including search log with details like specific class, sub class combination searches and a discussion on closest art with a focus on differentiating factors.
Additionally, the AESD search helps you to reduce cost and obtain patent in a limited time frame.

Defensive Publication or Disclosure

Defensive publication as a strategy enables you to restrict any entity from obtaining a patent for the invention. Our team of engineers and technical experts help you to prepare defensive disclosures of the invention highlighting all the possible embodiments and publish them in accessible resources.

Design Patent Search

Designed patents are granted on the ornamental design of a functional product. We conduct thorough search in the design patent classes prior to applying for a design patent. Our unparalleled industry expertise assists you in searching design patents for prosecution and invalidity analysis/re-examination requests. We have capabilities of searching design patents for Intenational Clients.

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